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You don't know me

You can't judge this

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This community is for members of the "NHL"...if you don't know what that stands for, you're obviously not a member.

Rules of the NHL:
1. If you see a home girl messing wit your man...jump that bitch!
2. At least one time in your life as a hawk, you have to have the high lights.
3. When getting put down, your comeback is ALWAYS "You wish you had this body."
4. When on our girl Rikki Lake's show, always accuse 3 guys of being your babies daddy.
5. If some girl is rollin her eye at chu, Mexican head slap and respond wit "Stoopid Bish."
6. Never ever change the channel when Amanda Perez is singing about how God sent her an angel.
7. Don't hate.
8. When you mess up wit you babies daddy...coronas and the big k.
9. All sunday's are reserved for church wit la familia.
10. Don't hesitate in the bedroom.
11. What's wrong with another baby? The more you have, the more child support and welfare you get.
12. Don't be ashamed of Food Stamps.
13. Always draw on your eyebrows with the darkest color brown.
14. Never diss another Newhall member.
15. Never get wit another little's papi.
16. Don't playa hate, appreciate.
17. Don't hate on what you can't have...get it.
18. Acrylics must be at least 2 inches long.
19. Brown and black always match.
20. Newhall feer life.